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When should you take the SAT or the ACT?


If you say…

I am eager!! I want to start early.
SAT- Nov./ ACT- Dec.

Let’s start the new year right!
SAT-Dec/ACT- Feb.

What SAT? I am doing only the ACT
ACT- Feb, April

What ACT? I am doing only the SAT
SAT- March, May, June

Take a test? Last minute is best for me! SAT- May, June, August
ACT-April, June, July

No test for me! I am going test-optional

Using the test dates for your personality type, plan your testing schedule for the next year.


You will have the opportunity to take the PSAT 10 and PSAT/NMSQT later (11th grade)- so you will get lots of exposure to taking a standardized test. But, taking the real test is always a benefit! Which of these approaches works for you?

Personality Test Dates

I want to tackle the tests this year.
ACT or SAT in Spring

I want to take both and see which is best for me.
ACT and SAT Fall Junior year

What SAT? I am doing only the ACT.
Fall/Spring of Junior year

What ACT? I am doing only the SAT.
Fall/Spring of Junior year

No test for me! I am going test-optional.

We offer free assessments to evaluate which test is best for you! To schedule your test, reach out to us at in**@we*****************.com

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