When am I taking that test?

by | May 27, 2020

You may have heard last week that the University of California system – with 10 campuses enrolling over a quarter million students – announced it would be test-optional for Fall 2021 admission.  The new policy phases in changes over the next four years ending with the university either creating a new admission test or eliminating the standardized test requirements for all students by 2025.  Although many schools have announced test-optional policies for next year in the wake of Covid-19, the University of California announcement was likely the most significant and could represent a turning point for admission test requirements.   

What does this mean for you as an applicant?  Should you plan to take the SAT or the ACT?  The answer still largely depends on the schools you are interested in.  Although more and more schools are choosing test-optional admission policies, the majority still require either the SAT or ACT to be considered.  FairTest promotes test-optional policies and maintains a list of schools that utilize test-optional admissions.  This list can help you determine whether the colleges you are considering are test-optional.  However, you may not want to rule out a college just because they require the SAT or ACT.  In that case, it’s still best to register for one or both exams for the fall.         

Planning Your College Entrance Tests 

  1. Review the revised schedule for SAT or ACT test dates. 
  2. Register early for your test. 
  3. Allow yourself up to an hour to complete the registration online. There are lots of questions! 
  4. Upload a picture for your ACT or SAT / SAT Subject Test Registration.
  5. Opt into the Student Search Service when registering for the SAT or PSAT, or the ACT Educational Opportunity Service (EOS) when registering for the ACT to receive emails or mailings from colleges.  

Take Action 

View upcoming test dates and add the SAT or ACT to your test schedule.  Prepare accordingly!

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Bettina Weil

Founder, Weil College Advising, LLC.   

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