What is Rolling Admission?

by | May 21, 2023

Rolling Admissions is the most flexible process. Institutions review applications as they are submitted and render admission decisions throughout the admission cycle. There is no set deadline to apply or receive your admission decision.

Here are some examples of rolling admission applications:


  • Pros: You can apply early and hear back about your decision sooner. You also may have a higher chance of admission the earlier you apply, since applications are evaluated on a first-come basis. There is also no binding contract.

  • Cons: Spots may fill up quickly since applications are processed quickly. Admissions rates may decrease the later you wait to apply.

Most schools do not offer rolling admission, but check over your list to see if any schools you are applying to do. Rolling admissions can be a great option for you if you decide to apply to a college last minute, too.


Based on an article by The College Essay Guy

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