Vulnerability in the College Essay

by | Sep 12, 2020

Through the steps of the college application process, I think that the essay portion can possibly be the most frustrating and stressful part of applying to colleges. Writing a solid college essay and impressing college application recipients can be tough; However, one attribute that can be used to enhance the overall topic of the essay is vulnerability. Vulnerability can prove to colleges that the person writing is not a robot, but instead a person with a set of unique qualities and traits. It is definitely important to share some background information on personal achievements; even though this is great, it can become oversaturated and almost show no emotion within the writing. What makes an essay so enthralling is the writer’s vulnerability. Vulnerability gives the readers a perspective of the behind-the-scenes action and opens up the writer to express themselves in a little more detail. In addition, vulnerability can lead to the writer expressing a hardship or conflict that occurred relating to the topic. The writer can then express overcoming such conflicts which makes the essay more riveting to the readers. Begin expressive of emotions is one of the key elements to relate to readers. Expressing such feelings reveals how colleges are not just choosing another student, but are choosing a unique individual. Overall, vulnerability can be one of the key factors to writing a good college essay. Also, I feel as though expressing oneself would be easier to write about instead of just listing random achievements throughout the years.

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