Virtual College Fairs

by | Nov 6, 2020

Virtual or in-person college fairs are usually crowded and overwhelming, so having a plan of attack will make the experience more productive and enjoyable. Remember that even if you don’t have questions about a college that you will apply to, stop by and introduce yourself to the admissions representative who will likely be reviewing your application.

Before the fair

❏ Review the list of college fair participants and identify those that you want to talk to. Identify any specific questions you have for each college.

❏ Plan to arrive a little early or right on time. The first 15 minutes is usually the quietest, so head directly to the college at the top of your list.

❏ have a pen and a notebook to take notes. During the fair

❏ Introduce yourself to the admissions representative. Tell them what you are interested in or ask them a question about the school.

❏ Write the name and contact information of the reps you spoke to. You might have additional questions for them.

Sample questions to ask

❏ What specific qualities are you looking for in applicants?

❏ What students are happiest and most productive on your campus?

❏ Are interviews required or offered, and if so, how should they be arranged?

❏ What is the outlook for financial aid or scholarships, particularly in these economic times?

❏ How do professors like to interact with students? Are classes mostly lectures or discussions? Do students work with professors on research?

❏ What are the most popular clubs and activities on campus?
❏ Do students stay on campus over the weekends and what do they do?

❏ Where do most graduates go after getting their degree – to careers or graduate school or other?

After the fair

❏ Update your notes and college list based on the new information you gathered

❏ Write a thank-you note to the admissions representative (using the information you collected) if you REALLY want to attend the school. Thank them for talking to you during the fair.

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Bettina Weil

Founder, Weil College Advising, LLC


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