Travel Log! Sharing My College Visits.

by | Jun 22, 2023

As a college consultant, Spring is the best time to visit colleges! Today I am sharing with you my visit to Connecticut College.

I had the pleasure of visiting Connecticut College on a picturesque spring day, and it was an absolute delight. As I captured the moment in a photo alongside my colleague Karyn, who has become my trusted college tour buddy, the campus’s vibrant atmosphere and serene surroundings seemed to perfectly encapsulate the essence of this esteemed institution.

At the heart of Connecticut College’s educational philosophy lies a strong emphasis on liberal arts education, which they aptly term “integrative education.” This approach combines classes within a student’s major with various other disciplines, fostering a holistic and interconnected learning experience. What truly sets Connecticut College apart is its unique practice of encouraging students to select a profound question that will serve as the foundation for their research and guide their course choices throughout their junior and senior years. This commitment to individual exploration and intellectual curiosity empowers students to dive deep into subjects they are passionate about, leading to a transformative educational journey.

The culmination of this academic endeavor is the capstone project, a crowning achievement that allows students to showcase their intellectual growth and mastery of their chosen field of study. This capstone project embodies the spirit of Connecticut College, which cherishes the pursuit of knowledge and the ability to forge meaningful connections between different disciplines.

Connecticut College’s curriculum follows a distribution model, providing students ample opportunities to explore courses related to their primary interests. Additionally, the college offers first-year seminars, a hallmark of liberal arts colleges, which provide an intimate and engaging learning environment for incoming students. Notably, Connecticut College takes great pride in its honor code, creating an atmosphere of trust and academic integrity. This commitment is exemplified by their approach to exams, often unproctored, fostering an environment of personal responsibility and accountability among students.

One of the defining characteristics of Connecticut College is its distinctive social landscape. Unlike many other institutions, the college does not have Greek life or a football team. Instead, it prioritizes fostering a close-knit community of students passionate about academics, extracurricular pursuits, and personal growth. Surprisingly, almost a third of the student body at Connecticut College are Division III athletes, highlighting the college’s dedication to fostering a balanced and well-rounded student experience.

When it comes to popular majors, Connecticut College excels in fields such as Psychology, Behavioral Neuroscience, and Environmental Science, attracting students with a keen interest in understanding the human mind and the world we inhabit. Notably, the college boasts a strong Musical Theater program, which thrives within the context of a liberal arts education, allowing students to explore their artistic passions while also nurturing a broader understanding of the world around them. It is a testament to Connecticut College’s commitment to nurturing its students’ diverse talents and aspirations.

Nestled within a stunning setting, Connecticut College offers the ideal location for a transformative college experience. With its intimate community comprising 1,900 students, the campus exudes a warm, welcoming atmosphere that facilitates close connections among peers and faculty. Situated a mere 15 minutes from the beach and within convenient reach of the nearest airport in Providence, the college combines a serene environment with easy access to recreational opportunities and travel connections.

It would be remiss not to mention Connecticut College’s spirited mascot—the camel. Behind this seemingly curious choice lies a captivating story that reflects the college’s rich history and unique character. The camel symbolizes resilience, adaptability, and a willingness to embrace new challenges—qualities that Connecticut College seeks to instill in its students as they navigate their educational journey.

In conclusion, Connecticut College offers an exceptional liberal arts education within a small and inclusive community. With its integrative approach to learning, commitment to intellectual curiosity, and emphasis on interdisciplinary connections, the college empowers students to shape their education and delve into subjects of interest.

I will continue to post other college visits!

Bettina Weil

Weil College Advising, LLC


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