Testing Accommodations – Quick Facts

by | Apr 28, 2021


Where are requests submitted and managed?Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) Online Dashboard


Test Accessibility and Accommodations (TAA) Online System


Who can access the online system?Schools only (work with your school’s “SSD Coordinator” to submit)


Schools only (work with your school’s ACT “Test Coordinator” to submit)


Do I have to register for a test before I request accommodations?


I have a learning disability. How recent does my psychoeducational evaluation need to be?


Within the last 5 years


Within the last 3 academic years


How long do I need to have had and used formal school accommodations before submitting a request?


Four months (Note: in our experience, the College Board is more likely to grant requests for students who have used accommodations for at least one school year.)


One year (Note: Overall, the ACT is more skeptical of a recent diagnosis and plan.)


Once I submit my request, how long will it take to receive a response?


Up to seven weeks


Up to two weeks (often much faster if the first request includes all the right documentation)


How long do my accommodations last? Do I need to submit a new request for each test I take?


Generally speaking, accommodations remain in place until one year after high school graduation and apply to any PSAT, SAT Subject Test, AP Exam you take during that time. You do not need to submit a new request through SSD online.


ACT accommodations apply to the specific test you registered for when you made your initial request. To apply the accommodations to future tests, you’ll need to request them again, and your TAA Coordinator must approve them.


How do I contact the testing company?


Contact SSD Email: ss*@in**.org Phone: 212-713-8333 Fax: 866-360-0114 College Board SSD Program P.O. Box 7504 London, KY 40742-7504


Call ACT, Inc. at 319-337-1332


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