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by | Feb 28, 2020

Have you signed up to take the SAT yet?  Or maybe you’ve already taken the PSAT? Did you notice that there are questions about your grades, your interests, your intended college major, etc. in the registration?  What’s up with all those questions?    

The CollegeBoard Student Search Service 

Those questions are part of the SAT Questionnaire.  There’s also a box to opt-in to the College Board Student Search Service.  By completing those questions and checking the box, you are giving permission for the CollegeBoard to provide your information to colleges and scholarship programs.   

Why do colleges and scholarship programs want my information?  

You are searching for colleges that are a good fit.  Colleges and scholarship programs are doing the same thing – searching for applicants that are a good fit.  One of the ways they find applicants and promote their programs is by sourcing student information from the CollegeBoard.  Through the Student Search Service, colleges and programs can access your contact information and send you promotional materials by mail or email.   

Should I opt-in?   

That’s entirely up to you!  There are advantages to allowing colleges and scholarship programs to access your information – you may find out about a school or a program that is a great fit for you that you didn’t already know about.  However, it also means an influx of mail and email.  You can always filter this college email into a specific folder to keep it from cluttering your inbox.  You can also decide to stop participating at any time and contact CollegeBoard to opt-out.   

What about the ACT?   

ACT has the same kind of service for their test – it’s called the Educational Opportunity Service (EOS).  Just like with the SAT, colleges and scholarship programs are using the ACT to access to your contact information.  Opting-in to the EOS is completely optional and you must check the box on the ACT registration form to allow colleges to access your information.         

Take Action 

If you are a junior, it may be time for you to take the SAT or the ACT.  Spring test dates are: 

If you are a sophomore, your school may be administering the PSAT or the PreACT.  Check with your school counselor to find out the test date. 

Bettina Weil


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