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At Weil College Advising, our first objective is to really get to know your student. We analyze each applicant’s interests and academic goals, advise on optimizing their potential, and use our experience and expertise to find the schools that best fit them.

We believe that applying to college should be a journey of self-discovery and growth. Weil College Advising has created a step-by-step program that guides students through the application process and helps them find the best-fit school, where they will be happy and thrive!

This is how we do it…

Student assessment: Discover your uniqueness

Through assessments and active listening, we get to know each student’s strengths, interests, personality, skills, and talents. The foundation of our approach is building on your student’s strengths and relaying those strengths to colleges.

Strategic Planning: a plan, goals, and strategies to complete every task

The application process is complex; there are many moving parts. We are the project manager that develops an effective plan to keep the process moving along so that your student can present the best possible applications with minimum stress.

College List: Have a colleges list that fits your student

While we encourage our students to reach high, we make sure that our college lists are balanced, with options that fit their academic, social, and financial needs.

High School Guidance: Make the most of the high school years

Course selection, extracurricular activities, time management. We help our students build a resume that showcases them for colleges. Your student doesn’t know what they like? We can help!

Standardized Testing: Strategy

We discuss SATs, ACTs, test-optional, as well as dates, timing, preferences. We provide a free assessment to determine which test is preferred.

Essays: Present insightful, well-crafted essays

The essays are a fundamental part of the application and often serve as a differentiating factor. Our personalized approach allows us to know our students well, and by the time we start with the essays, we know what makes them tick. Our students say that brainstorming with us has been “introspective,” “eye-opening,” and “super fun!”

Letters of Recommendation to support the application

We strategize with our students on who to approach, when, and what to do to get the best out of their recommendations.

Interview Prep: Interview Like a Pro!

We prepare our students for interviews and conduct practice sessions. We coach students to network with colleges pre- and post-interview so that they can stand out from the crowd.

College Visits: Get the most out of in-person or remote visits

We prep your family before going on campus visits to appreciate a college’s nuances – beyond the info session and campus tour.

Financial Aid Guidance

We help our families understand the world of financial aid and provide personalized advice.

Summertime: Make it “count”

Summer is a time to recharge and enhance a resume with interesting activities. We have ideas for jobs, internships, pre-college programs, volunteering, and much more.

Application Review: every detail revised before submission

Every application can benefit from professional feedback! We will review every detail and ensure that your student presents a well-crafted application that reflects the student’s unique personality and voice.

Enrollment and Final decision

Our students have excellent options for college, and we help them decide. Waitlisted? We will help you strategize.

Next Steps: Succeed in College

At Weil College Advising, we believe that getting in is just part of the equation; doing well in college is just as important. We will work with your student to identify what will make them successful in college and beyond and use the college experience to be equipped for professional life.


“When I started applying to college I did what my friends were doing, without even knowing if that was the best choice for me. Bettina is all about “a good college fit” and making “informed decisions”. AnnMarie, S.