Seniors: Searching More Money for College

by | Feb 15, 2020

You may have thought you were done with writing essays and sending applications, but not quite yet. Now is the time to look for scholarships. And don’t get discouraged. In this case, one more essay or scholarship application could mean a big pay-off for you. A few more hours of your time could turn into hundreds or even thousands of dollars!

College scholarships typically come from three sources:

  • The colleges to which you have been accepted.
  • Local community organizations
  • National or larger regional organizations
  • At your college

Most scholarships come from the schools that have admitted you.    See the scholarship tab in GuidedPath for your schools. It lists academic scholarships offered to 8 or more students.

Start locally

Local organizations are the hidden gems of scholarship money. Although the awards are typically smaller in dollar amount, you also don’t have as much competition. Many local scholarships are actually looking for applicants! Churches, service organizations (like the VFW, or the Junior League), local charitable funds, even your parent’s employer may have scholarship opportunities. The key is finding the information – who, what, when, where, why and how to apply!

Check with:

  • Your high school counseling office
  • Parent organizations (PTA, Booster clubs, etc.)
  • Your local library
  • Expand regionally

Use your residence as a means to get more money for college.  Many states offer scholarships to top students.  Check to see what is offered through your state.  Check deadlines for any state scholarships you qualify for.

Compete nationally

There are dozens of national scholarship search engines available.  Many are nothing more than a way to market credit cards or other products to you.  These are our recommended scholarship search engines.

  • College Express
  • College Treasure
  • Scholarship Match- Unigo

Take Action

Add your college scholarship deadlines to your application plan.

Review the scholarship tab for all colleges on your list and determine your eligibility for specific awards. Add milestones or notes for the scholarships you are planning to apply for.

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Weil College Advising

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