Senior Checklist

by | May 20, 2020

Senior Checklist

You are almost there!  What are your next steps? 

  • Finish strong!  Strive to finish the year with your best work.  We all know that the past weeks have been a challenge and online school is wearing on many people.  But honor the hard work you put into the year by finishing the last few days or weeks as the best student you can be.   
  • Check in with your college – often.  Situations at many universities are very fluid as administrators are trying to anticipate what the fall will bring.  No doubt you are getting updates via the student portal or by email but be sure to stay on top of changing information.  This may include updates for housing, orientation, registration, etc.  
  • Schedule new student orientation.  Many colleges may be making arrangements to move orientations to an online format for this summer – or delaying orientation until just before the fall semester.  Whatever the circumstance, you don’t want to miss it.  Orientation usually includes valuable advising information and will often be when you register for classes.   
  • Schedule placement tests.  Some colleges require you to take Math and/or other placement tests.  Find out the requirements and be sure to get it completed.  Sometimes your SAT, ACT, or AP scores will suffice, and you will not need to take a test.  If you have questions about placement test requirements, contact the college. 
  • Say thank you.  Tell teachers, counselor, coaches and others that have helped you, “Thank you”.  Give special thanks and appreciation to parents and family for support. 
  • Make summer meaningful.  Plan to work, improve your study skills, learn something new, or spend time (whether online or in person) with friends and family this summer.  Save any money you earn for when you start college in the fall. 
  • Get a physical.  You may need vaccine boosters or a physical exam from the doctor before beginning the fall semester.  Check with the college to understand their requirements.   

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Bettina Weil

Founder, Weil College Advising, LLC

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