Rising Juniors: Start Now Your College Application Preparation!

by | Jun 17, 2024

As a parent of a rising junior, you might feel that college applications are still a distant concern. However, encouraging your child to start preparing now can provide significant advantages. Here are six key reasons why early preparation is beneficial:

1. Planning for SAT/ACT

One of the first steps in the college application process is tackling standardized tests like the SAT or ACT. Early preparation allows your child to:

  • Develop Focused Study Plans: Help your child create a study schedule that fits into their daily routine without overwhelming them.
  • Take Multiple Test Dates: Allow your child to take the test more than once if needed, improving their scores over time.
  • Reduce Stress: Early and consistent preparation can alleviate the pressure of cramming closer to application deadlines.

2. Refining College Criteria and Planning Visits

Understanding what your child wants in a college is crucial. Starting early allows you to:

  • Identify Priorities: Help your child determine the factors that are most important to them, such as campus size, location, academic programs, and campus culture.
  • Plan Visits: Arrange college visits during breaks and summer vacations to get a feel for the campuses and ask questions in person.
  • Create a College List: Assist your child in narrowing down their options, making the application process smoother when the time comes.

3. Enhancing Extracurricular Activities and Leadership Opportunities

Colleges look for well-rounded students who are actively involved in their communities. Starting early helps your child:

  • Deepen Engagement: Commit more fully to a few activities rather than spreading themselves too thin.
  • Seek Leadership Roles: Take on leadership positions in clubs, sports teams, or community organizations.
  • Show Commitment: Demonstrate long-term dedication and growth in their extracurricular activities, which is impressive to admissions officers.

4. Exploring Majors and Careers

Figuring out what to study and what career to pursue is essential for selecting the right colleges. Early preparation allows your child to:

  • Research Majors: Investigate different majors and understand what they entail.
  • Understand Teaching Styles: Learn how various colleges approach teaching their areas of interest.
  • Explore Careers: Take personality and career assessments to find potential career paths that match their interests and strengths.

5. Maximizing Junior Year with College Applications in Mind

Junior year is pivotal in your child’s high school career. Starting now enables them to:

  • Focus on Academics: Keep their grades up while balancing college prep activities.
  • Build Relationships: Develop strong relationships with teachers who can later write recommendation letters.
  • Plan Ahead: Organize their time efficiently to manage schoolwork, extracurricular activities, and college preparation.

6. Avoiding Stress and Last-Minute Rush

Procrastination can lead to unnecessary stress and subpar applications. By starting early, your child can:

  • Pace Themselves: Break down the application process into manageable tasks.
  • Meet Deadlines: Ensure all components of their applications are completed well before deadlines.
  • Submit Quality Applications: Spend adequate time crafting thoughtful essays and thoroughly reviewing their applications.

Encouraging your rising junior to start the college application process early can make a world of difference. By planning for standardized tests, refining their college criteria, enhancing their extracurricular activities, exploring potential majors and careers, making the most of their junior year, and avoiding last-minute stress, they set themselves up for success. Begin now to ensure they have ample time to create the strongest applications possible and find the best college fit for them.

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