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How many colleges do you think my teen should apply to?

Here’s my formula: Three reach colleges (colleges that might be a reach but still attainable, about 30% chance of admission for your student); four “target” colleges (colleges that are a good match for the student, around 50% chance of admission for your student); and three safety colleges (colleges that the student will be at the top of the applicant pool, or around 70% chance of admission). Sometimes I add ONE “wild card” where there is a 20% chance of admissions for that student.

My student is not motivated in school and has his head in the sand when it comes to college applications. What can I do?

Motivation comes from within. Nagging and punishments don’t work. Some students are late bloomers and that’s ok, not everyone reaches life milestones at the same time! My advice: have an open conversation with your child and keep open mind, listen to your child and his/her reasons to shy away from college right now (hint: there might be other underlying issues). Talking to college students can be a big motivator and reduce anxiety. And sometimes we work with students with the understanding that they will apply to college and then take a gap year.

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Bettina Weil

Weil College Advising

Weil College Advising

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