“Leadership” and College Admissions

by | Oct 7, 2020

by Hilary Cains of College Raptor

Leadership is, in college admissions lingo, taking initiative. Whether it’s on a school project, sports team, or another endeavor, “leadership” means that you can set an example by leading others. This is a quality that colleges like to see in students as it gives high schoolers the chance to overcome unique challenges while working with others.

Think about your daily life. You can think about work, home life, sports, school, extracurricular activities, and volunteering. Or something else! Do you demonstrate leadership qualities in any of these places? 

Almost all colleges want to see you as a person beyond your schoolwork. They want to know what kind of student you are after school hours, what you participate in, and what drives you. Passion is important, and showing passion outside of the classroom can show the college that you’re prepared for challenges. Getting straight A’s or scoring high on the SAT or ACT isn’t easy and is definitely something to be proud of, but make sure you’re going the extra mile and setting yourself apart from the other applicants.

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