Juniors: It’s Time for College Visits!

by | Feb 20, 2020

​Depending on your time and interest level, plan one of the following types of college visits: 

Basic Visit

  1. Attend an information session.  Ask questions about admissions, financial aid, choice of majors.  IMPORTANT: Get a business card from an admissions person.
  2. Do a college and dorm tour.  What does the campus look like?  Where do freshman live? What are the housing options?
  3. Eat a meal on campus.  Go to the dining hall or coffee shop and eat.  Introduce yourself to some students and ask questions.  You will be surprised at how much they want to share about the college.

Extended Visit

In addition to the basic visit schedule – an information session, a campus tour, and a meal on campus – ask if you can add the following appointments at the schools that you are most interested in:

  1. Meet individually with an admissions counselor.  Ask more about special programs, what the college has to offer, and your admissions expectations.  IMPORTANT: Get a business card from an admissions person.
  2. Meet with a financial aid advisor.  What types of financial aid and/or merit scholarships do they offer?  What questions do your parents have that need answered?
  3. Meet with an academic advisor in the field of study that interests you.  Learn more about the courses and professors in your selected field of study.
  4. Visit a class.  Before your visit, get permission to sit in on a class.  This gives you a feel for what college will be like, and what it would feel like to be a student there.

Overnight Visit

Some colleges offer prospective students the chance to spend the night on campus to learn more about the school.  An overnight visit will provide great insight into student life on campus.  These visits are usually organized by the college, and include college tours, classes on campus, and the chance to stay in a college dorm with a college student host.

Check with your counselor for a list of colleges that offer overnight stays. Save overnight visits for your top college choices.

On Your Visit

As you do the college tour of the campus, ask yourself these questions:

  • Would fit in academically here?
  • Would I fit in socially here?
  • Do I feel comfortable with the physical location?

Follow up after your visit

  • Send a thank you email to the admissions representative that conducted the information session or that you met with individually.
  • Record your visit using the Discuss Tab – or download our college visit form.  Pros/Cons can be listed on the Decisions Tab under Decision Details.
  • Add visits as milestones or tasks.  Use college profiles to learn about a school.

Take Action

Make plans now to visit colleges on your list.  Enjoy your visits and find out which school fits you best! If you would like my guide of questions for college visits, let me know!

Happy college planning!

Bettina Weil

Weil College Advising

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