Dorm Life: 11 Tips for Freshmen

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These tips will make the life of any college resident much easier:

  1. Raise your bed. Getting bed lifts will maximize under-the-bed storage and create more space for you to store personal items and clothes.
  2. Consider smart storage. When you move into a dorm, you have to realize that there won’t be much space to store your stuff. Set some space aside and bring stackable drawers with you. We also recommend you take advantage of under-the-bed storage and adhesive hooks.
  3. Get a pair of shower shoes. Since showers are shared in the dorm, there’s a high chance of getting foot fungus. To prevent it, we strongly advise you bring a pair of flip-flops to use in the shower.
  4. Get a pair of rubber boots. Taking a couple of waterproof boots is a good idea, especially if your college is in a state where it often rains.
  5. Use a bike to get around campus. Since university campuses are pretty big, biking is an efficient way of quickly getting from one place to another.
  6. Take advantage of your college discounts. Many organizations and clubs offer students discounts or even free food (including pizza!)
  7. Don’t bring a printer. If you are thinking about buying a printer, forget that idea. Every campus has printers, plus you can access most study materials online.
  8. Try the Pomodoro method for time management. Time management is a skill that most college students need to work on. If you’re struggling with concentration, we suggest using the Pomodoro method. The point is that you commit to a 25-minute work period before taking a break for 5 minutes. You must repeat the cycle four times before taking a more extended break.
  9. Avoid doing your laundry on weekends. Most people do their laundry on weekends when they have more free time. If you wash your clothes on a weekday, you won’t have to compete for a washing machine.
  10. Bring a small safe for storing essential items. When you stay with other people, there’s always a chance of having your personal belongings stolen. For that reason, getting a small safe to store important items is a good idea.
  11. Bring an Ethernet cable. Since many people use dorm wi-fi, bringing your own ethernet cable is a good decision that will save you time and nerves.
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