Are You Starting to Look at Colleges?

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Consider this advice for first-timers:

(Even great students occasionally need a nudge)

  • Sit down and discuss college plans together
  • Research different types of colleges and universities
  • Talk to currents students from colleges of interest
  • Explore websites of colleges of interest
  • Plan to visit multiple campuses

Points to Consider:

Size and Location: How many undergraduates? Urban, suburban, or rural? Close to a big city?

Type of School: Public or private? Major research university? Religiously affiliated? Liberal arts college?

Academic Programs: Does this school offer a major that I am interested in? Do I apply directly into a major, program, college or school?

Faculty: What is the student-to-faculty ratio? Average class size? Are faculty accessible outside of class?

Research: What opportunities are there to participate in research? (is that important to me?)

Student life:  What kind of clubs are available? What traditions and activities are most important to the student body? 

Housing and Dining: How are the dining halls? Is housing in dorms guaranteed or required? What living arrangements are available?

Career Outcomes: How does this school prepare me to achieve my professional goals? Is there an internship program? 

Questions? Let’s chat!

Bettina Weil

Weil College Advising, LLC

Weil College Advising

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