AP’s: New Format for 2020

by | Apr 22, 2020

Worried about your upcoming AP tests or final exams?  In a normal year these exams can be anxiety-producing, but this year that may be particularly true.  AP exams will now be offered in an online, open-note/open-book format.  And as schools continue to cancel in-person classes for the rest of the year, you may find yourself taking more online or modified final exams.    

With all the information available to you, an online, open-book exam should be easy right?  Surprisingly, that may not be the case.  Open book/open note exams usually push students to synthesize responses that demonstrate comprehension rather than just regurgitating facts.  You should expect questions that may ask you to apply concepts in new ways.  The CollegeBoard has put together a list of tips for preparing for online exams.  Ultimately, knowing the material and having organized notes/resources will be your best strategy.  This means you should continue to devote study time to your AP exams just as you would if you were taking them in person.      

Thinking about scrapping the AP exams altogether?  You are not required by the CollegeBoard to take the AP exam (although your high school may have different policies around this).  The main incentive for taking the exam is the possibility of college credit.  While many colleges are adopting test-optional policies for admission, most have said that they will still award AP credit the same way they have in the past.  CollegeBoard has said that the AP exams will test content covered through early March.  You’ve already done the work for the exam; you just need to refine your skills.        

Take Action 

Find more tips and resources for preparing for AP exams on the CollegeBoard website.  You can apply these study tips to high school finals as well as future college exams.      

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