AP action plan for the academic year

by | Sep 6, 2021

Follow this action plan to stay on track with your AP courses. And check out the resources…

  • Use the unique join code your AP teacher gives you to join your class section online
  • Log in to your MyAP account to access AP Classroom and start using AP Daily videos to learn and review course content and skills
    • Ask your AP teacher how you’ll be using AP Classroom during the school year
    • If your AP teacher has assigned them, start using the topic questions and progress checks to build your knowledge of course content and skills
    • Track your learning in the My Reports section of AP Classroom to check how you’re progressing throughout the course
  • Follow along with your AP teacher’s lessons and assignments —it’s the best way to stay connected to your course
    • Don’t be afraid to ask questions along the way to keep learning and dive deeper into course content and skills
    • Form study groups with your friends/classmates
  • Register for AP Exams for the AP courses you’re taking this school year
    • Ask your AP teacher or coordinator about your school’s registration deadline and any exam fees, as well as if you’re eligible for a fee reduction
  • If you’re starting to think about college, check out the credit policies at the schools you’re interested in—over 99% of colleges have an AP credit policy in place
    • A score of 3 or higher can get you college credit at more colleges than ever before
  • Keep going with your AP course—you’ve got this!
  • Refresh your knowledge and skills by watching AP Daily videos and completing any practice assignments your teacher has created in AP Classroom
  • Explore additional AP courses you might want to take next school year
    • Check with your school counselor to find out which of the 38 AP courses you can take
    • Talk to your school counselor about when you need to decide if you’re going to take an AP course next school year
  • If you’re working on college applications, select the school you want to receive your free AP score report
    • This is an important step to ensure you get the college credit you’ve earned
  • AP Exams are administered every May—find yours on the schedule
    • Taking AP exams shows admissions officers you’re committed to tackling college-level work and motivated to succeed
  • Practice and prepare for your exams
    • Review course content and skills
    • Watch AP Daily videos
    • Practice answering AP Exam questions
  • Use your free score send before the deadline to send your AP Exam scores to the college, university, or scholarship organization of your choice

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