College Admission Rates…30 Years Ago!

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Do you want to laugh or cry with us?

Check out the SAT scores and the admission rates at the most competitive universities in 1990!

Stanford University: average  SAT 1300, admission rate15%

Harvard University: average SAT 1360, admission rate 15%

Yale University: average SAT 1370, admission rate  15%

Princeton University: average SAT 1339, admission rate  16%

University of California Berkeley: average SAT 1181, admission rate  37%

Dartmouth College: average SAT 1310, admission rate 20%

Duke University: average SAT 1306, admission rate 21%

University of Chicago: average SAT 1291, admission rate 45%

University of Michigan: average SAT 1190, admission rate 52%

Brown University: average SAT 1320, admission rate 20%

Cornell University: average SAT 1375, admission rate 29%

Massachusetts Institute of Technology: average SAT 1370, admission rate 26%

Univ. of N. Caroline Chapel Hill: average SAT 1250, admission rate 33%

Rice University: average SAT 1335, admission rate 30%

University of Virginia: average SAT 1230, admission rate 34%

Johns Hopkins University: average SAT 1303, admission rate 53%

Northwestern University: average SAT 1240, admission rate 41%

Columbia University: average SAT 1295. admission rate 25%

University of Pennsylvania: average SAT 1300, admission rate 35%

Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: average SAT 1132, admission rate 70%

California Institute of Technology: average SAT 1440, admission rate 28%

College of William and Mary: average SAT 1206, admission rate 26%

University of Wisconsin Madison: average SAT 1079, admission rate 78%

Washington University: average SAT 1189, admission rate 62%

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