ACT: Additional Dates for the Fall

by | Jun 24, 2020

Thank you Nicole Newquist from ArborBridge for this announcement!

ACT has been at it again today, announcing major changes to the fall testing calendar in the US. The quick overview is that there will now be an additional September test date, two additional October tests dates—and Sunday testing in both months is now open to all students.

See the schedule below for highlighted changes:


Saturday 9/12

Sunday 9/13 – open to all students
Saturday 9/19 – new



Saturday 10/10 – new

Saturday 10/17 – new

Saturday 10/24

Sunday 10/25 – open to all students


ACT’s goal is to ensure enough seats while allowing for social distancing. But there are things to keep in mind:

  • Not all locations will offer these new dates. ACT has announced the dates but now has to convince sites to open their doors. This uncertainty is especially true for California and New York where state laws limit the number of test dates ACT can run. We may not know for sure where these dates are available until registration opens the last week of July.
  • The new test dates do not seem to be available outside the US.ACT didn’t address international centers in its announcement, and its website for international students continues to show the regular fall schedule.
  • There’s been no announcement about how this expansion may affect students with accommodations who test during the Special Testing Window.

For further details read the entire announcement here.


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