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I hold a Masters degree from Columbia University, School of Social Work, with a major in Program Development. My thesis on College Access and Retention for First Generation Students has been published in the Journal for Higher Education and gained much recognition. I have a decade of experience in college-going issues and worked with hundreds of students and parents on high school matters, college applications and transition to college, college success and career orientation.

I served as Director of College Programs at Yonkers Partners in Education, a non-profit organization in New York, and Dean of High School Partnerships and Academic Initiatives at the State University of New York. In both organizations, I was responsible for college transition, persistence and completion. I have lectured extensively on topics such as Post-secondary options, Financial Aid, The College Admission College Scenario, International Students, and College Persistence for Minority Students.

With all my past experience and vision I founded Weil College Advising, a private practice in Westchester, NY, and I surrounded myself with the best team of consultants. Our reach has organically grown and our work expanded into Latin America, Asia and Europe, where we guide students who aspire to attend college in the United States.

I have completed the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) Summer Training Institute and several advanced seminars for college consultants at the Goddard Foundation. I am a member of NYSACAC, Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA) and the Independent Educational Consultant Association (IECA).

I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and moved to New York in 1994. I live in Westchester, NY, with my five sons.

The Team

Eddy Luque Bernstein
Office Manager

Elizabeth Von Nardoff

Elizabeth Von Nardoff
SAT/ACT Specialist

Lori Cooper

Lori Cooper
Interview Specialist

Skyler Siegel

Skyler Siegel
ELA and Writing Specialist

Sonia Simko

Sonia Simko
Educational Psychologist/LD Coach

Our Team

Experience and Expertise

All of our students receive personalized services provided by Bettina Weil. We also work with expert consultants on following areas:

  • SAT/ACT Tutoring
  • High School Math Tutoring
  • Art/Performing Arts Majors
  • Learning Differences
  • Financial Planning for College
  • Summer Enrichment Programs/Camps
  • Application to Boarding Schools and Day Schools
  • Application to Business (graduate) Schools
  • Psychological Testing and Diagnostics

“My college application process taught me so much about myself, and that is thanks to Bettina. I didn’t understand this at the time, but I now realize that she really helped me think clearly and set my priorities. She was very positive and believed in my potential.” Leila G.

IECA Professional Member

Featured on The Hudson Independent

Featured on The Hudson Independant

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