Things to Do While You Wait for College Decisions

by | Nov 13, 2023

Written by College Matchpoint

Congratulations, seniors! You’ve submitted your early college applications. Now comes the hard part—the waiting game.

You’ll likely have several weeks to several months before you receive decisions. Click here to check when you can expect to hear back from colleges.

This in-between time period is often nervewracking for students and families. We find that the best things students can do are to keep busy and prioritize family and friends.

Here are six ideas for how to stay occupied as you wait for those admission decisions to roll in:

Build your professional presence with a LinkedIn profile. Highlight your accomplishments, awards, and skills. Start connecting with trusted adults and potential mentors to get a head start on career networking! 

Search for scholarships. There are tons of niche scholarships out there with upcoming deadlines. Look for ones related to your background, talents, field of study, etc. Scholarship dollars can make a difference in college affordability.

Check your student portal for every college. Did they receive all the information they need to process your application?

Continue demonstrating interest! It can still make a difference if colleges know that you are genuinely committed to the school and go the extra mile.

Volunteer in your community. This is a great time to give back. Find an organization or cause you’re passionate about and donate some time. Not only will it keep you busy, but you’ll strengthen your college applications for waitlists.

Prepare for independence. If you haven’t already, start doing your own laundry and cooking some easy meals. If you take medication, start managing refills and doctor’s appointments yourself. Doing these things will go a long way toward preparing you for living on your own in college!

Spend quality time with family and friends. Senior year flies by! Savor these last few months at home by reconnecting with loved ones through activities and conversations that feed your soul.

Thank those who helped you. Now that your applications are submitted, why not thank the people who helped you, such as the teachers and counselor who wrote your recommendation letters. For example, send an email or handwritten card, share a meaningful update, and express gratitude for their support. 

The college waiting period can be stressful. But staying productive, practicing gratitude, and preparing will help you pass the time in a positive way.

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