By now, many of you have heard that a new SAT is coming to town. While there are some significant changes taking place, much of the test will remain similar to previous versions. But what does that mean for studying?

The good news is that there will be no more memorizing lists of obscure words you will never use. The bad news is that you’ll have to be careful when using online study materials–make sure they are focused on the new SAT and not the old version.

You can already find resources online to help guide your studying for the new SAT. There are websites with practice tests, sample questions, answer explanations, and libraries of review videos. Five of these resources are described here in no particular order.

1. College Board + Khan Academy

College Board is home to the makers of the SAT. With the launch of the new SAT, they have also partnered with Khan Academy to provide individualized test prep that is absolutely free. This will be a valuable resource for anyone planning on taking the SAT, as similar products can cost anywhere from $300 to $500+.

The College Board and Khan Academy test prep offers 4 full-length practice tests, in addition to tips for studying and taking the test. There are also diagnostic quizzes, which means you only practice the sections you need help with. You will also find practice questions, helpful hints, and review videos. With this platform you always know where you stand.

For SAT test prep straight from the source, that is also comprehensive and individualized, start with College Board + Khan Academy. And, if you need to study on the go, there’s a free app for that.

2. PrepScholar

PrepScholar was founded by a team of two people who received perfect scores on the SAT. It is a resource created and managed by individuals who mastered the SAT as high schoolers. There are four instructors, two received perfect scores and two scored in the 99th percentile.

The site offers free ebooks with topics related to increasing your score and choosing the best prep method for you. As previously mentioned, the new SAT is doing away with the obscure vocabulary, but if you feel the need to make your essays more eloquent, 200 free vocab flashcards are available for download.

PrepScholar also offers a Complete SAT Online Prep program. Access to this program will cost you $399 per year, but there are a number of benefits. The PrepScholar program consists of a customized diagnostic quiz, more than 1400 practice questions, over 60 skill lessons, detailed explanations for answers, access to up to 10 practice tests, and more.

The previously mentioned instructors are also available for tutoring. Those services will run you anywhere from $23 to $99 per hour depending on the number of hours you need, and the level of tutor accessibility you desire.

3. Princeton Review

Princeton Review has a variety of SAT prep resources. They offer access to free, in-person seminars and practice tests. Visit their website to find locations and events near you.

Summer boot camps are also available to help prep you for the exam. These start at $1,999 and come with a 100+ point improvement guarantee. Not feeling the whole summer camp thing? Try an online class (4-12+ students). Prices for these range from $599 to $1,599 and up. The online classes offer access to live instruction, practice questions and tests, and review videos. One-on-one help is also available on demand.

If you are someone who studies best by yourself, or you prefer to do your own thing, there is an option for you too. $299 will enroll you in a self-paced test prep course. This option consists of over 150 videos and 4 online practice tests. No sitting in class and no instructors, you just do you.

Yes, the Princeton Review SAT prep platforms may cost a pretty penny, but most of them come with the ability to speak directly to an instructor. With in-person, and online options, the Princeton Review SAT test prep has a format for any type of learner.

4. CK-12

Compared to the previously mentioned resources, CK-12 is a much simpler option. CK-12 is a completely free website. On their SAT Exam Prep page, you can find 6 FlexBooks. Half are questions and answer keys, the others are questions with answer explanations. Each book contains 3 sections, one for math, reading, and writing.

If all you need to supplement your studies is practice questions, correct answer keys, and answer explanations, check out their page.

5. Veritas Prep

Similarly to PrepScholar and the Princeton Review test prep, Veritas Prep has a limited number of free SAT prep resources. If it doesn’t cost you anything, chances are it’s about test taking strategies or tips for test day, not help with the actual test content. Having said that, those tips and strategies are sometimes a good place to start.

Prep options for a price include a $690 full course which allows for interaction with instructor and classmates via online or in-person options. There’s also private tutoring, which will cost you between $2,900 for 18 hours and $6,800 for 48 hours, available online or in-person. The nice thing about Veritas Prep is you are allowed to repeat your class for free.

Good luck!