20 New Year’s Resolutions for Teens

by | Dec 27, 2021

2022 is here! Students, are you thinking about your goals for the next year? Here are 20 new year’s resolution ideas!

1. Give Up a Bad Habit

Whatever habit you don’t like having, you can make it a goal for 2022 to quit it.

2. Workout More

This is a good example of a “poorly set goal”, but it’s a really good new year’s resolution. It is up to your preference and schedule how you want to set this goal. You could write down to workout once a week in the gym. Or to take a yoga course. Or to run 3x a week.

3. Create a Cleaning Schedule and Stick to it

I feel like having and following a cleaning schedule is a really good resolution idea for students! Cleaning often gets pushed back or just forgotten, so it’s a good thing to keep track of it. You could write it on a letter board with daily, weekly, and monthly tasks.

4. Join a new Club

Joining a club is another one of the new year’s resolution ideas that I love. New years are about trying new things, so this one fits perfectly. And hey, if you don’t like the club you can still opt-out.

5. Make new Friends

Another resolution idea would be to get more involved and make new friends. It doesn’t have to be a certain number. If you just make one new friend it’s great!

6. Save up Money

This can be getting a specific amount you want to save up by the end of 2022.

7. “Travel” to a New Country

During Covid restrictions, you might not be able to travel, but you can research the places you would like to go to in the future.

8. Get a Job/Start a Side Hustle

If you would like to make more money in the new year (and be able to save more), you should consider starting a new job or side hustle!

There are lots of online job ideas for students out there, you just have to be committed!

9. No Social Media Day

Another resolution idea is to quit social media for one day a month. That’s really not a lot, and you deserve some time for more important things than looking at strangers’ pictures on your phone.

10. Declutter your Social Media

This new year’s resolution is connected to the previous one, and it’s on my list too!

Take a few hours to go through your apps and delete any that make you mad, sad or you just don’t use anymore.

Then go through the people you follow. Do they motivate you? Do you feel inspired when seeing their posts? If not, it is time to unfollow them! And please don’t care about their thoughts on that.

Get rid of everything that doesn’t make you feel good about yourself or isn’t teaching you anything valuable!

11. Reduce Waste & Carbon Footprint

A pretty broad goal at first, but make it smaller!

12. Donate to a Non-Profit Organization

How much you donate doesn’t matter as much as the action does. It is important that you support the values that YOU have!

13. Take Me-Time

Maybe you can schedule a few hours for yourself every month (at least). At that time you can do things you enjoy and that inspires you to relax and keep going. That can be going to a spa, working out, having a special breakfast, or taking a bubble bath.

14. Study Smarter for Exams

The next new year’s resolution is to up your study game and study for your exams. This goal might be different for everyone, but studying smarter is a resolution that you can put on your list if you want.

15. Start a Creative Hobby

Starting a new hobby is a great goal for the new year! If you feel like your whole life consists of studying and classes, it’s time for a creative hobby!

16. Evaluate your Connections

Do you have any “friends” that you know aren’t real friends? The new year is the perfect time to let them go.

Think about the people you have in your life that really make you a good person, and keep them. Work on your relationships in 2022!

17. Buy Less

Make it a goal to only buy things to replace unusable or broken things that can’t be repaired, or if you know you will use them for a long time.

It will save you lots of money and also waste!

18. Eat Healthy Food

You can also make it a goal to eat less meat and more veggies.

19. Do Things Alone

Yes, it’s more fun to have company, but it can make you more confident if you can enjoy spending time alone.

20. Declutter and Decorate your Room

Re-decorating your room is an amazing thing to do for the new year. Decluttering can help you clear your mind and re-focus.

Enjoy your New Year’s resolutions! All the best for 2022!

Bettina Weil

Founder, Weil College Advising, LLC


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